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Question Paper id:800
1) In the following questions a sentence is provided which is divided in different parts. One of these parts is highlighted and is free from grammatical error. Remaining parts may or may not be grammatically or contextually correct. Choose the letter corresponding to the correct part as your answer. In a fortnight, about 30 peoples will (A)/join the National Cyber Forensic Lab to (B)/assist security agencies in preventing,/ containing and investigate complex (C)/cybercrimes along the country(D)

2) Raju has Rs. 9000 with him and he wants to buy a mobile handset; but he finds that he has only 75% of the amount required to buy the handset. Therefore, he borrows 2000 from a friend. Then

3) The ratio of the present age of A to B is 8: 5 and the average of the present age of B and C is 35 years. If five years ago, the sum of ages of A and B is 55 years, then find the difference between the present age of A and C.

4) 39. If RAMON is written as 12345 and DINESH as 675849, then HAMAM will be written as

5) 25. In an examination, A has scored 20 marks more than B. If B has scored 5% less marks than A, how much has B scored?

6) 37. Twelve equal squares are placed to fit in a rectangle of diagonal 5 cm. There are three rows containing four squares each. No gaps are left between adjacent squares. What is the areg of each square?

7) . Among the given options, choose the word with the most similar meaning of the given word. ELIMINATING (a) accomplish (b) adaptive (c) removal (d) regulating (e) introducing

8) 21. A grain 200 metres long is moving at the rate of 40 krnph. In how many seconds will it cross a man standing near the railway line?

9) 52. For a sports meet, a winners' stand comprising three wooden blocks is in the following form :

10) Passage - 4 The IMF has pointed out that the fast growing economies of Asia face the risk of falling into 'middle-income trap'. It means that average incomes in these countries, which till now have been growing rapidly, will stop growing beyond a point—a point that is well short of incomes in the developed West. The IMF identifies a number of causes of middle-income trap—none of which is surprising—from infrastructure to weak institutions, to leas than favourable macroeconomic conditions. But the broad, overall cause, says IMF, is a collapse in the growth of productivity. 4. Which among the following is the most logical, rational and critical inference that can be made from the above passage?